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02 March, 2013

Culinary Travel Adventures: Florentine Tripe Sandwich Anyone?

Italy is the great playground of the palette for adventurous travelers willing to sample the wonderful diversity of local cuisines.  This variety is accentuated by the Italians’ appreciation for foods that might be considered overly exotic or even distasteful to some Americans.  Italians are such devoted carnivores, for example, that, concerning the pig, it is said that they will eat everything but the squeak.  And beyond steak and hamburger, it could be said, concerning the taste for beef, that Italians will eat everything but the moo.  When you visit Florence, instead of finding neighborhood hamburger stands at the historic market, you will see the locals lining up for tripe sandwiches, a true Florentine delicacy.  Tripe, or “trippa” in Italian, comes from the lining of the cow’s four stomachs which are proudly displayed in their full variety at butcher shops and “trippai” stands where you can have your sandwich made to order from a number of different flavorful options.  Another carnivore’s delight in Florence is “cinghiale” or wild boar which is often served as a sauce with pappardelle pasta.  However, if you have a preference for steak, you may want to try the “bistecca fiorentina” which is typically served “sangue” or very rare.  Many culinary travel adventures await you at every destination in Bella Italia, “dove si mangia bene”, where one always eats well.

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